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Springtech Coil Springs 1

Springtech Centre manufactures coil springs from 0.8mm to 25mm diameter utilizing both hot and cold form technologies dependent on design stress levels and weight optimization requirements. 

 Process Features Include: 

 * High quality Silicon Chrome and Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel

Hand drawn or peeled bar material

* Tapered material for progressive rate design

* MPI crack detection

* End tapering or end grinding

*Double pigtail and mini-block forms

* Hot pre-setting

* Combination cold or hot shot peening

* E-coat or powder coat finishing

* 100% in line load testing

* Side force load testing

* Batch fatigue testing 

Springtech Centre designs and manufactures most widely used suspension springs either hot formed or cold formed for vehicle suspension applications namely:

* Side Action Coil Springs

* Mini-Block Springs

* Conical Springs

* Progressive rate Springs 

Customers: Toyota: Hilux, Fortuner, Corolla, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Ford Focus, GM: Opel Corsa and Chev utility, ISUZU KB, BMW and many more. 

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Sprintech Leaf Springs 1

 Springtech Centre specialises in the manufacture of multi-leaf springs for light commercial vehicle applications as well as limited heavy spring designs for truck trailer applications. 

 Process Features Included: 

* High-quality Silicon Chrome and Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel

* Precision eye forming

* Stress shot peening

* E-coat on every blade

* Latest anti-noise componentry

* 100% load testing

Supreme Spring designs and manufactures leaf springs for application in: 

* Pick-Up Trucks (Bakkies) Trucks (Lorries) Commuter / Passenger carriers Panel Vans Customer Application: Toyota Hilux, Hino, Ford Ranger, Bantam, Mazda BT-50, GM Isuzu KB, Nissan Hard Body / NP300, FUSO and many more

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Springtech Stabilizer Bars 1

Springtech Centre manufactures stabilizer bars from 10mm to 55mm diameter in both hot and cold form technology either from solid or tubular material.

Process Features Include:

* High quality Silicon Chrome and Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel

* Precision forging

* Single or double stage forming with robotic handling

* Oil or water quenching

* Shot Peening

* Fitment of bush locator rings or connecting links

* E-coat or powder coat finishing 

These are also designed and manufactured by Springtech Centre either hot or cold for: 

* Passenger cars Pick-up trucks and Lorries

These components fulfill the role of preventing of rollovers and provide greater stability in vehicle handling characteristics. 

 Customer Application: Toyota: Hilux Corolla Ford Ranger Mazda BT-50 GM: Chevrolete Utility & BMW and many more

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Springtech Torsion Bars 1

Springtech Centre manufactures solid torsion bar components for conventional and specialized torsion applications from 15mm to 35mm in diameter. 

 Process Features Include: 

 * Spline or hex head design 

* Milled teeth 

* Precision straightness 

* Pre-setting

* Shot Peening 

* E-coat or powder coat finishing 

* Colour powder coating if required 

These are designed and manufactured for application on the front suspension of: 

* Light trucks (Pick-Up Trucks) 

* Cab tilt applications 

Customer Application: Nissan Hardbody / NP300, Mercedes: FUSO, GM: ISUZU KB, Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser

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Springtech Heavy Duty Springs1

Springtech Centre understands that with time wear and tear of components sets and these components have to be replaced. Springtech Centre also understands that not all environments the vehicles are subjected to is the same, thus special purpose suspension components are required . It is for these reasons Springtech Centre develops and offers a range of products as replacement parts and for the avid 4x4 off roader. 

Replacement parts in the form of: 

Coil Springs (Standard and up-rated)     Leaf springs (Standard and up-rated) Torsion Bars (Standard and up-rated) Stabilizer bars (Anti-sway / Anti-roll) (Standard and up-rated) Heavy Duty Lifting Springs for After Market Range

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a plow for cultivating the soil is attached to a dusty tractor. Equipment in industry of agriculture

Yes, you can custom make a spring at the Springtech Centre. 

 In fact at Springtech Centre you can make, manufacture any spring solution for any requirement of almost a 100% springs that are used in any type of machine in South Africa...

30% of our business derive from the farming comunity where we custom manufacture broken springs on moving parts at very competitive prices.

We also specialise in restoration work on seat springs of any kind.

If it is a spring you need... then we can make it!

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we repair Springs on this Vehicles


Many previously owned cars need spring replacement or repairs in order to pass the roadworthy test before the new owner can get it registered at the authorities. 

Springtech Centre can get this done and send a report you can present to the roadworthy test centre and pass your springs test with springing colours.

Visit Springtech Centre before you go to test roadworthy... and do it only 1 time.

Bakkies & vans

Moving loads regularly mean more wear & tear on springs than the average car that only does about 440km per month on average.

The average distance a bakkie driver do is about 3000+ per month and more regular checks needs to be done periodically.

Your drivers safety depends on good maneuverability in situations where quick stops and turns are required on road.


Truck loads and effecient balancing is imperative to limit tire wear and damaging roads due to over hanging. 

Not to mention stock damages during transport that are a direct result of truck springs that cannot handle the changing load weight when springs are worned out. 

Responsible truck owners replace the truck springs regularly and safe lots of money by doing so... 

farming Equipment

Most farming equipment do a lot of movement and usually require springs to make to it work more efficiently.

Replace your farm equipment springs regularly and have one or two replacement springs ready in store so your machines don't have to stop working when one spring breaks. 

Many farmers that visited Springtech Centre now know that they got a friend in the farming industry that they can depend on. 

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Hierdie is bakgat manne! Net 'n vinnige kyk wat is fout, dadelik begin regmaak en sommer vinnig klaar... dis manne wat verstaan dat as die wiele rol dan maak jy geld!

Oom Sarel Boer van die Suid Kaap

Thank you guys for assisting a woman with this demanding task. I will tell all my friends and collegues to call on Springtech Centre when they need repairs on their vehicles done. A regular service on your vehicle's underside is a necessity but then it must be a good service.

Charmaine Bell Personal Assistant

I was surprised how much more grip a good leaf spring can give my bakkie on the road after Springtech Centre did a service on it. My bakkie is no longer lagging at the rear and the loading and steering is tons better. Thank you tons Guys!

Joost Hofmeyer Manager