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At Springtech Centre we realize the importance of having good springs. We therefore ensure that you receive only the best parts and workmanship to ensure a safe vehicle when you are driving on South Africa's pothole ridden roads. Your vehicle's handling depends strongly on it's springs ability to keep the weight steady when loaded,  especially in conditions where you are forced to make harsh stops or turns... trying to avoid going over unwanted objects in the road. 

How our process works

We Inspect Your Vehicle

Our specialists at Springtech Centre need to do an inspection on the underside of your vehicle to make a professional assessment regarding wear & tear damage on springs or coils

Then as soon as we have determined the best way to fix the vehicle we can work out the parts and labour cost and quote you to get it professionally repaired

You accept our quote

As soon as we received a signed quotation and deposit (If required) we start fixing your vehicle

Some smaller cars can be fixed right away while other bigger vehicles will have to remain on-site until repairs are done.

You are now ready for the next step.... Sit Back and Relax! 

Sit Back and Relax!

That's right... you just sit back and relax while we do the expert repairs on your vehicle. 

We will let you know the moment we are done.

Why choose us?

Because 98% satisfied customers can't be wrong

fast delivery

We are here to get you safe back on the road so we don't have time to waste.

reasonable price

Because we give you the best possible deal without compromising on quality parts and workmanship.

Trusted Clients

80% of our new business comes from satisfied customers referring us.

expert mechanic

Our specialists have more than 20 years experience. 

let the number speak

Years of experience
no. of employees
work done
happy customers

common car service questions

Can I re-tention a coil spring?

No, you cannot re-tention a coil spring

How will I know if a coil spring needs be replaced?

The vehicle will be sitting too low and the overall steering performance will be affected. When driving it will swing from side to side.

How can I check if my coil spring is damaged?

The only way to check if your vehicle's coil spring is damaged is to get a visual inspection done at a professional fitment centre such as Springtech Centre to see if your coil spring is damaged or bent.

Can I custom make a spring at Springtech Centre?

Yes, you can custom make a spring at the Springtech Centre.

In fact at Springtech Centre you can make, manufacture any spring solution for any requirement of almost a 100% springs that are used in any type of machine in South Africa.


How can we help?

Ask us anything please? We are here to help you smooth the road.

122 Fichat Street, George Industria, Western Cape, 6536
083 283 6699
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Hierdie is bakgat manne! Net 'n vinnige kyk wat is fout, dadelik begin regmaak en sommer vinnig klaar... dis manne wat verstaan dat as die wiele rol dan maak jy geld!

Oom Sarel Boer van die Suid Kaap

Thank you guys for assisting a woman with this demanding task. I will tell all my friends and collegues to call on Springtech Centre when they need repairs on their vehicles done. A regular service on your vehicle's underside is a necessity but then it must be a good service.

Charmaine Bell Personal Assistant

I was surprised how much more grip a good leaf spring can give my bakkie on the road after Springtech Centre did a service on it. My bakkie is no longer lagging at the rear and the loading and steering is tons better. Thank you tons Guys!

Joost Hofmeyer Manager